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About Us



The name Bella comes from our first born. She is part of the inspiration for this endeavor along with my wife's longing for a taste of her native food. We found it difficult to find quality, great tasting Colombian cuisine to enjoy and share with our friends and family.

So now we take you on a trip to Colombia without leaving Houston. We want our customers to travel to the authenticity of our culture, music, traditions, and food. Our business idea spawned from our desire to do something we love. We joke that I married my wife because of her food, however it was her passion for life and the Colombian culture that sealed the deal. She was taught from an early age that natural ingredients grown in the impressive Andes and cooked fresh every day was key to making great food.

We try to source the freshest natural ingredients here in the Houston area in order to bring that taste to you. We decided not to be selfish and share with our friends and family our excitement for her food.

Empanadas are a huge part of Colombian daily life, whether it be at a gathering of friends and family, or just a quick bite on the run. After much encouragement from our peers, we chose to follow our dreams and offer our delicacies full time. We hope that you feel a part of our family and love in every bite.


"Bella Empanada is both wowing both the expats and strangers to Colombian cuisine, taken in by the wafts of bites and the lilting sounds of Latin song."

We promise you will be transported to Latin America without leaving the States!

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