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What are the instructions to cook the Empanadas?

Each Empanada should be cooked the same no matter which flavor.

For best results pan fry or deep fry. (Air Fryer temperature and cook time will vary, please refer to your air fryer’s instructions for preparation.) The contents of the empanadas are fully cooked, all that is needed is to slowly cook the outer shell to a delicious crispy golden brown.

What is the cooking time for the Empanadas?

2 to 3 minutes depending on temperature of oil.

1. Put desired amount of oil into sauce pan or pot.

2. Cook about 350 degrees or slightly higher.

3. Flip every 25 to 30 seconds depending on how brown you would like the finished product to be (for those who like it light brown flip more often).

4. When the empanada has reached desired color place it on plate to drain unwanted oil.

5. Ready to eat! Just dip in your favorite Bella salsa.

Where are you located? 

Our Food Truck is located on 8300 Spencer Hwy, La Porte TX 7757.

What is your schedule? 

Monday        9am-9pm

Tuesday        9am-9pm 

Wednesday 9am-9pm

Thursday     9am-9pm 

Friday          9am- 12am

Saturday     5pm-12am 

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